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MCDC Ballet Program 

Ages 8 and Up


To cultivate a dancer with a solid and proper ballet technique. This track is meant to be done individually to strengthen and hone the future ballerina or in tandem with the MCDC competition track to support competition technique and styles with strong ballet technique and musculature. The program will not only train the body but will curate a dancer who has a firm understanding of the theories, history, and kinesiology involved in this cornerstone of all classic dance technique. This work will be driven by the dancer, setting goals under the supervision of a ballet mentor, and with the support of achieving those goals from the whole MCDC faculty. 

Part One: Technique Class

~The dancer will take two ballet classes at their own level a week and one in a lower level class. This way the dancer continues to be challenged in their own level but has the luxury of continuing to hone the basics through muscle memory and understanding the pedagogy behind ballet instruction by being present in a differing level. Once at the proper level, the dancer will also take pointe/variations if it should be offered. (3-4 weekly classes)

Part Two: Monthly Private Lessons and Goal Tracking

(at least one class per month)

~To make a cake, one follows the recipe. To get to a destination, you follow a map. To get to the goal of being a better dancer-how do you know what the first step is? In this program, a monthly private lesson will be held with a ballet instructor. After assessment and discussion between instructor and dancer, a specific goal or goals for the month will be set. These goals will be worked on exclusively in the private lesson and they will be shared with the faculty of MCDC so that in all your technique classes, the faculty can work as a family to help your dancer to set goals, work hard with support, and succeed. In this way, a dancer can also learn to advocate for themselves in a safe environment. Ballet Program Students will receive a $10 discount on full privates.

Part Three: Exploring the World of Ballet

~Placed squarely between Washington DC and Richmond, MCDC is fortunate to have so many ballet experiences right in our own backyard. Culture and climate willing- trips to performances, excursions to master classes, and guidance through the world of summer intensive auditions will be offered. Using these auditions as masterclasses will be heavily encouraged. When culture and climate are unwilling and it is safer to stay indoors, MCDC will bring these opportunities to you, with masterclasses via zoom from professional ballet dancers and question and answer sessions with professionals, along with group watch parties of ballet performances with group discussions after about technique and aesthetics.

Part Four: Performance Opportunities

~Depending on the opportunities available, dancers will have a chance to share their growth through performance. Performing with an international touring ballet troupe needing local dancers, through Kennedy Center opportunities to perform locally, preparing a piece to take to the Virginia ballet festival, Ballet Competition, or having a separate piece of classical repertoire set on the dancers in this program for a local performance, the staff at MCDC will make sure that our ballet students have a chance to shine.


Students will be evaluated for level placement and to begin the logging of their growth. The first 45 minutes of the Evaluation will be for students 8 and up, followed by a 20- minute pointe class for dancers 12 and up. The Evaluation will then close with five-minute individual consultations for students.


- Two Ballet Classes at the dancer’s level

- One Ballet Class one level below the dancer’s level

- Two Foot and Ankle Stretch/Strengthen Classes

- Two Pointe Classes (if level 4 or above)

- Must take one Ballet Private from either Mrs.Corey or Miss.Jeanette per month

- The dancer must enroll in 1 other style of dance class

- Order the MCDC Ballet Program Jacket through the office by September 1st

- Each Student will be charged monthly tuition for the classes they’re enrolled in as well as a Ballet Program fee of $30 a month. Competition Team members will be charged $25 a month


-Monthly consultations with assisted goal tracking

-Multiple performance opportunities

-“Field Trips” to see Ballet Performances

-Discounted private lessons

-Discounted admission to Masterclasses

-and many, many more

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